Over the last five years, Austin-based nonprofit PelotonU has been quietly working in the background to develop a new way for working adults to get through college. What they're doing is working: their student persistence rates are five times better than the average. Assemble partnered with PelotonU over six months to launch a new consulting practice to reach their mission of getting 30 million working adults their college degree. 



Can we launch a national consulting practice that empowers others to replicate our model in their communities?


-What We Did-

Kickoff Session—We met with the executive team to discuss their goals for launching the new practice and reviewed three key areas they had identified wanting support in: recruiting new partners, training current partners through launch, and designing an on-going support system. 

Monthly Sprints—Using the three areas they had identified (recruitment, training, and ongoing support), we designed a series of monthly sprints, each focused on an a different area. The goal of each sprint was simple: to deliver a tangible artifact that PelotonU could test on potential partners. 

Learn, Revise, Repeat —Our work with PelotonU ensured that each sprint built on the other. After three months, we had created concrete artifacts and tests for how they would recruit, train, and support partners and collected an immense amount of learning along the way. Then, we repeated the whole process over again, this time using our insights to build systems that we're ready to be implemented directly into their new consulting practice. 

-The Results-

By the end of the six months, the team a field-tested roadmap for running their consulting practice in half the time than expected. With the saved time, we were able to work with PelotonU to implement, iterate on, and refine each aspect of their service offerings. Rather than having a plan that the team hoped would work during launch, PelotonU had a working organization whose work proved they could do what they set out to do--because they had already done it.

-what the team says-

Sarah Saxton-Frump  Cofounder, Director of College Completion & Partner Solutions

Sarah Saxton-Frump Cofounder, Director of College Completion & Partner Solutions


Hudson Baird  Cofounder, Executive Director

Hudson Baird Cofounder, Executive Director

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