You bring the challenge, we help you move forward. 

As a founding/executive, management, or a functional team, set aside protected time to make progress on a current challenge, learn something new, and get a sense of how you could better design collaboration with your team. We ask that each person commit a half hour of both preparation and follow-up work. 

You get to choose one of these formats: 


Get an audit of your typical meeting.

Learn a new conversational tool to run your meetings.

Talk through a big challenge you're facing.


Office hours are free and our gift to the Austin community. 

Our Facilitators

Trevor Circle.png

Reagan Pugh

Reagan has consulted on storytelling, culture, and leadership training at companies like Nike, Pepsi, Western Digital, Home Depot, and Kimberly Clark. He focuses on helping teams create moments of meaning. 

Trevor Boehm

Trevor has spent ten years helping entrepreneurs find greater clarity and focus. He's designed and managed accelerators, ghostwrote a bestselling book on fundraising, and co-founded the e-commerce startup Penny.


What Others Have Said

The best conversation our team has had in three years.
— Hudson Baird, Executive Director, PelotonU

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Know a team that you think should know about office hours? We've made it easy for you. Here's an email to share. 

Some friends of mine who run a consulting company for teams just started this thing called Office Hours.
It's basically an hour of free team coaching: 2 facilitators work with a team of 2-8 to either move forward a challenge you're wrestling with or learn to run a more effective weekly meeting. 
When you mentioned [THING THAT MADE YOU THINK OF THEM], I thought this could be really cool for you guys. 
Link below, and happy to intro you to the founders if you're interested.


About Assemble

Assemble is a collaboration design firm. We partner with organizations to uncover the latent wisdom within their people and enable them to do their best work.

Our team has launched two startups, sourced and managed investments into a couple dozen others, and have walked side-by-side with over a hundred leaders, entrepreneurs, and those crazy enough to believe they can create something out of nothing. We have also designed programs or taught at Oxford University, UnLtd USA, Acton MBA, Texas State University, and the University of Texas, and our work has been featured in TechCrunch, Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, and the Harvard Business Review.